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FRAGILE PUZZLE - Introduction

Did you know that human beings are symbiotic organisms constructed from two totally different organisms?  According to the scientists myocardial cells and bacteria linked together millions of years ago and evolved into mammals which include humans.  Study into bacteria and gut bugs is the new frontier in science with amazing discoveries being made linking bacteria to our emotions. 

The Fragile Puzzle™ was developed in 1989 by Lynne Blighton to assist people to sort out two forms of communication that exist within us all.  Lynne’s early work talks about our survival mechanism that always directs us away from change.  Little did she realise that she was teaching people to work out which internal communication belonged to our human side and which belongs to our gut bugs side.  There is a constant struggle between the two organisms – one side is only interested in keeping us alive and the other side is keen to grow, explore and change.  Whereas we are both parts, The Fragile Puzzle™ guides people to recognise the difference in communication from each part so that we might make stronger choices and be more compassionate to the degree of difficulty every human being faces daily.

Once we understand how the different components within us work, we become wise and stop wasting our efforts in futile attempts to control that which cannot be controlled; and focus our efforts towards learning to make our life more productive. The Fragile Puzzle™ skills us up to know HOW to work in partnership with our human and bacterial parts - it is unique in that no other course has this information.  Lynne has placed her knowledge into two Fragile Puzzle courses and three mini books which are currently available through this website.