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    "The Fragile Puzzle places you in the driver's seat of your life.
    Once you master the techniques, you will gain terrific self-confidence and a new sense of stability."
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    Mini relationships course to highlight communication problems

     Lynne Blighton, Director of The Fragile Puzzle™, wishes to formally acknowledge Katia Beaugeais, composer of Like Snowdrops You Will Shine, ACO Collective, Hush Foundation and ABC Classics for kindly providing permission to use Like Snowdrops You Will Shine in this production.

    "I will donate $5 of the cost of Patch to charity. My first will assist Dean Clifford raise money for DEBRA, a charity supporting people with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) – commonly known as cotton wool babies. Dean has EB which can be compared with living every day with 3rd degree burns. Dean was not expected to live past 5 years, at 10 told he would never walk again, but turned every negative into a positive. Today Dean is in his forties, has defied all odds to take up weightlifting and is now recorded amongst the world's strongest men. He is the bravest man I have ever met."

    Lynne Blighton
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    Amazing Truth About Us

    Amazing Truth About Us is a short story that takes the reader on a journey of human development, beginning with our formation from bacteria at the beginning of time right up until life on earth today. It unlocks answers to why life is like it is and provides the reader with an entirely new perspective of what might be going wrong in their life. It’s packed with amazing truth about how we function, provides insight of where our pitfall are, and guides the reader to build positive new habits that will lead to a more fulfilling life.

    To purchase outside of Australia, contact your local bookstore and request that they stock this book; however, you can purchase through this website if you are prepared to pay the freight.

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    Take a sneak peak of the books "Amazing Truth About Us" and "Prepare your Emotions for Weight Loss" below! You can purchase these books and other titles here.


    Lynne Blighton - B Soc Wk, Grad Cert ASWP, Reg MHSW

    Who is Lynne Blighton?

    Lynne Blighton is a Self Discovery Strategist. Lynne has dedicated her life to developing strategies that work quickly to assist people to take control of their life. Her work is usually experienced in one-to-one sessions, and now Lynne shares her knowledge with others through her course The Fragile Puzzle: It's Your Life, Get It Sorted.

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    The Fragile Puzzle (Boxed Set) is currently off the market while it’s being revamped.

    Mini Fragile Puzzle™ Books created from information in the large boxed set, designed as affordable tasters to Lynne's work. (1) It's Our Fault, (2) The Fragile Puzzle Way to Get That Job, (3) The Fragile Puzzle for Managers: It's Alright I'm Wrong Again.

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    The Fragile Puzzle™ carefully walks you through a process that shows you exactly how to make the changes that your brain will accept. It skills you up to know how to work in partnership with your brain.

    Imagine how much easier life would be with that valuable piece of knowledge securely in place!  It will improve your life at home, work and play.  It helps you to take control of your life.

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