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    How does the Fragile Puzzle™ course work?

    The Fragile Puzzle™ set of work books has seven (7) books. Book One is a Personal Progress Journal to record and chart your journey to freedom.

    Books Two to Seven form an unusual reading circle. When you complete reading Book Seven you start again on Book Two. Each time you read the set you will be able to see more of your own information and gain a fuller understanding of how to use the text. At first our mind set gets in our way and tells us what it means and blinds us to the truth. Slowly we learn to recognise when our mind set is interfering with our life and eventually we learn how to free ourself of it. Suddenly we see the text in an entirely new way and it starts opening more and more information for us. The works gets easier and life starts to make sense.

    Each time you start to read Book Two think about what you want to achieve from The Fragile Puzzle™. Write a one-line question in your Journal and keep it as simple as you can. For example why do I always argue with my best friend? Or why do I feel guilty inside when I really haven’t done anything bad? Your question will open your mind to look for answers. Each set reading should start with your own unique question in mind.

    Rest from reading as often as you want. Give your brain plenty of thinking time. When you have finished reading Book Seven, re-read your original question and ask your self what answer has been gained. Some answers come quickly and others may take a week or two. Record your answer, without judgment, even if it is negative and even if it doesn't make sense.

    Take lots of breaks from working with The Fragile Puzzle™ because it works together with your daily life by assisting you to notice your interactions with others. It’s a bit like a blueprint for your daily interactions with others. When you can clearly see your own part in building your life, you will know exactly what changes you want to make. Small changes have fabulous results and you get to observe those changes as they happen. It’s a powerful experience to see your self in control of your life.

    This product has the potential to put you in charge of your life.


    What will I get out of the Fragile Puzzle™ course?

    Self-confidence and sharpened awareness of how life works; new skills for designing the life that you want. Each person will have a different experience because each reader's life is unique. The aim of The Fragile Puzzle™ is to develop qualities that will assist you to unlock your life.


    How long does the course take?

    Although you will get an immediate benefit from the course, it will take about one year to fully understand how to maximise its potential. This isn't something that can be rushed. Progress does speed up once you know how to use the information. If you keep up the good work, your life will improve quickly, but the work never stops. Just like a fitness campaign, you need to keep exercising and toning your new skills for the rest of your life.

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