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    Lynne Blighton, Director of The Fragile Puzzle™, wishes to formally acknowledge Katia Beaugeais, composer of Like Snowdrops You Will Shine, ACO Collective, Hush Foundation and ABC Classics for kindly providing permission to use Like Snowdrops You Will Shine in this production.
    prepare your emotions cover new

    Prepare Your Emotions for Weight Loss (Book)

    The information in this book is unusual in that it talks about our bacterial side and our human side and shows how these parts of us interact and often override our well made plans.

    Amazing Truth About Us

    Amazing Truth About Us (Book)

    The book consists of stories which provide simple answers to complex life situations. It is packed with amazing truth about how we function, provides insight of where our pitfalls are, and guides us to build positive new habits that will lead to a more fulfilling life.



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